Othergrounds is a Berlin based project by a collective of artists/curators with a strong focus on art  that pursues political impact and engagement with the local community of artists. We also look for art that invites nature as a direct and important part of the creative process. 

We believe that art can be utilised as a powerful political tool and that artists can function as a seismograph to injustice and environmental causes of the time they live in.

This project is intended to be fluid in its structure, with a group of core curatorial team members, but open to collaborations with other artists and curators.


We founded Othergrounds in Berlin in 2018, after our experience organising exhibitions during our time living in London. Our drive behind it was the fact that we didn’t see enough art that fits our understanding of what art could be. We then decided that we should start creating an alternative to that. 

During the preparation of our first exhibition, “Transience And Transformation”, we realised that there were many early career artists with very accomplished work that didn’t get the exposure (we believe) they deserve. 
Our platform intends to amplify the voices of artists we believe in, regardless of their curriculum or status within the art world. As an independently run not-for-profit project, and as artists ourselves, we have the purpose of creating art events that bring important works to wide audiences in an uncompromising way.
We don’t intend to stick to one thing only, but rather evolve, both in our themes and our views.
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