Call for artists

Submissions are now open for our upcoming exhibition!

Othergrounds is now open for applications for its third exhibition project, to take place in Berlin in 2020. Founded in 2018, our curatorial platform was created by artists-curators with the aim of amplifying the voices of artists we believe in, regardless of their curriculum or their status within the art world.
We are looking for works influenced directly by the night. Inspiration can arise from any area related to nighttime and artists are allowed to interpret the topic freely. It could be the forbiddenness of certain activities or it could have a more poetic approach. We also welcome political attitudes towards the subject. The call is open for Berlin-based artists only and is free of charge. All disciplines accepted and works presented must be completed as of time of application.
The deadline for applications is the 12th of January 2020 at 23:59h
Our submissions will only take into account the works presented and the text attached to them. We commit to pick only the works that standout, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and curriculum. To make this happen, we will have an external agent to the core curatorial team that will take care of anonymising the applications for us to pick from.
To make a final selection on which of the submitted works will be part of the exhibition, we will do studio visits with the shortlisted artists.
Please read carefully the detailed information about the theme and our terms and conditions. Any applications that fail to follow these T&Cs will be disqualified.

About the exhibition
The night knows its allies. Be it the natural life that is more lively when darkness falls, or the sleepwalkers that work for the day to have a sense of ease. Where the day feels structured, highly planned and deciduous, the night presents itself infinite, unstructured, full of potential. Creativity thrives in the night.
The night dreams on. It’s during this time when magic is more powerful. Creatures of the night come calling back for our connection with the metaphysical. No truth is definite in the dark. Perception gives in to viscerality, holding hostage all reason and allowing us to live through our deepest fears and fantasies.
The night is forbidden. Most activities of dubious legality are reserved for this time. Activities that humans created just to marginalise into secrecy. Crimes that hope to never be discovered. Abandonment to hedonism to fight the daily struggles.
The night is its own temple. Night is not the opposite of day. Night is not the opposite of light. Night exists rightfully and embodies an entity of its own. Through time, through spaces and through lights and colours that can only exist in darkness. 
The night roars. Curfews and last calls are imposed on nightlife. Trying to control it, to silence it. And through this constriction, in darkness, the essential, innate noises power through. Taking a stand for their right to exist.
The night is work. Day workers rarely think of those that make their day smoother. Night workers who make sure a pressing capitalist system doesn’t collapse on its feet. The day is the main show, the night is the stage that sustains it.
The night is art. From Lee Krasner’s insomnia-induced paintings to Pablo Picasso’s late night painting habits, the night has been very present in art-making since its very beginning. One could say even dating back to the cave paintings that elude the sun living in eternal darkness. The night is not pitch black.
Who can apply
Application is open to Berlin based artists, working with all possible materials and disciplines. Submission is free of charge.

This open call will be conducted anonymously. The decision of whose works will be included in the exhibition will solely be based on:
- A brief artist’s statement (maximum of 300 words) written in first person
- A short description about how the submitted works apply to the topic of the exhibition (max. 150 words)
- Up to 3 artworks (maximum 5 images per submitted work), including titles, materials, sizes
In case of submitting video or audio works (only final works, not documentation), please send a WeTransfer link in the email body. Make sure that the work only includes the title and not any name credits.
Please DO NOT disclose any of the following information in your submitted texts:
gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, education, list of achievements (be it exhibitions residencies, awards, etc.)

How to apply
Please assemble the two texts along with the images and descriptions of the artworks into a pdf-document.
Please send your finished submissions to:

How the selection process works
All emails will be received by a team member who is not a part of the curatorial team. Each pdf submission will be assigned a number and the curators will only have access to that document. Other personal data, like name or contact details will only be revealed after the decision on which artworks are to be part of the exhibition is made. The curatorial team will discuss submissions only based on the pdf document of the applicant. 
Any submission that doesn’t follow these guidelines will be automatically dismissed.
Artists will not be charged for exhibiting their work nor can we offer artists’s fees. Artists will be expected to deliver/pick up their works from the exhibition venue. All necessary materials required for the exhibition of works must be provided by the artist.
All applicants's data will be kept strictly confidential.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via:
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